Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tying Bottles of Eau de Cologne to Mah Cat's Tail

I tried posting my 3D character setup and animation final last week, but the file was WAAAYYYY too big for blogger's uploadermajig. So I have to compress it before I post it, and I've been too lazy to do it lately. And by lazy, I mean I was busy playing WoW and getting my tauren druid up to lvl 80, then discovering I was sucking at being a DPS feral druid and switched to BOOOMkin, but now I'm just bored with the game. So, in my boredom, my character sits undergeared in Dalaran, awaiting to get her fuzzy cow butt handed to her during this weekend's raid, while I decide that my time is better spent on...

redoing my other final.

Yea, that's right, I'm animating during my break. The Acting For Animators final was a total flop. I got an A on it, but I think it was an A for Attempt. So, I'm forgetting that horrid piece of pencil test disaster and going back into a different direction. I'm going to pound out a satisfactory animation using the newest Moom rig, using my final voice take (that I am not satisfied with either), and will hopefully get a good piece of dialogue animation out of that. From there I might use it as reference for yet another animation that will actually use the Sophie Rammeyer character I created for the project. (In the essence of "I like what I did here, so let's do it over here..." not for factual reference)

I have a mirror behind my computer on my home desk, so referencing the facial animation is going to be fairly easy... might make that a necessity for all my desks in the future... my desk is technically a vanity table...

So, enough blogging! On to animating!

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