Friday, September 11, 2009

Freddie will cut you

Except her sword broke so the tip is jagged Q_Q.

Sorry, she still doesn't have boobage, maybe when she gets some better armor.

Still in pencils, now that I look at it I want to fix the hair... must fix...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Winter Village

I just recently finished helping my roommate with her level design project. I got to do some low-poly modeling of a bunch of decorative assets, along with some brainstorming help on the quest details.

Because the objects I modeled, uved, and textured were decorative pieces, I feel the best way to display them is by showing them doing their purpose.

In this scene I did the anvils, spears, axes, bows on the table, and the red oil lamp. I did a few other things but either they weren't used in the final turn-in or you can't see them in any screenshots. I'll post a few single shots of assets later.

You can find more screenshots of Katelyn's project at her site,, which I'll be adding to the sidebar of links also.