Wednesday, May 21, 2008


In approximately nine days I'll be in a car with my mom and my fish Killer and on our way away from Savannah for 3 months. And in those 9 days I have to...

-Complete 2 animation layout packets, including two full renders in blue, field guides, ground planes, character movement, line art optional... (Due monday!)

-Complete a maquette of my character Dallas

-Complete a 5 second 3D animation of the maya rig Moom v.4 doing a pirouette.

-Study for my government final (and attempt to get a B on it)

-Recover from being sick

-Put things in storage (and i don't have a car, so I need to get help doing that)

-Mail things home (again, lack of car, and I need help)

-Pack, pack, pack...

-And manage to spend enough time with my friends and boyfriend so they all don't think I hate them. Evidently I'm already failing at that. :(

Fuck. This is life, right? It's supposed to suck? And I am I supposed to want to make the effort to fix everything? Because currently, I'm tired, and I'm tired of trying to fix everything, and I'm falling apart at the seams. I've been trying to fix things that I didn't break or even have a hand in, and now... I'm tired. Let me just get my shit together right now, ok?

9 days, 9 days and I'm somewhat free. *sigh*