Saturday, July 11, 2009


I got Maya yesterday. Couldn't get it to work though, and it made me an angry panda. Today I got Sims 3, and the disc was scratched. Two softwares not working and frustrated with my job, I began to crumble.

Then it happened.

My dear Tim was trying to help me yesterday with Maya and to no avail. He attempted to help again tonight with Sims 3, but there were no quick solutions for me, and so he returned to the Maya issue. And resolved it. In two seconds. Done.

Freaking miracle.

And for some reason, having that fix just sent a wash of relief through me. Fine, Sims 3, be stupid, I have real work I need to do any way.

Back in action!


Mahmood said...

Your blog is very nice. The images are very beautiful. Wish you all the best. God is Great.

Trevor Thompson said...

Hi Christina!

I found your blog through my friend Kristine Ross' blog. I know she and Brian personally from high school. The reason I contacted you is because I'm a cartoonist and the name of your blog intrigued me.

If you're into real cartoons, you can do no wrong frequenting these blogs:
( The ASIFA Hollywood Animation Archive )
( John Kricfalusi [ of Ren and Stimpy fame ] animation blog )
( Famous Cartoonist Eddie Fitzgerald's blog )

The best thing about these guys ( John K. especially ) is that they teach the long-forgotten principles of animation and drawing skills that animation schools nowadays have eschewed in favor of computers. You are one of a dying breed inasmuch as you use the computer, but you can actually draw as well.

So, I hope you check these out, and if you have a chance, visit my blog too.

The Booo Tooons Blooog is where I showcase my artwork, give updates on the projects we're currently working on and lecture on the importance of incorporating old principles with new techniques.


- trevor.