Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summersnoozefest of '09

I've only been back in Michigan just shy of a week, but seriously, it's boring. I'm pretty broke so I cancelled my WoW subscription (temporarily hopefully), and the internet doesn't like to keep me online long enough to get a good game of Warcraft III finished with Tim. That's frustrating.

Back to work at the Teddy Bear Co. Not going to talk about that, it's very very boring and certain things drive me crazy. I like to keep myself occupied by finding random mundane things to do. Like going on our imprint computers and finding interesting and rarely used designs and tweaking them so they fit my needs (Like a "congratulations" design to a "bff" design or a mother's day design to a little boy's... or two little boys'... personalized bear design) and discovering in-store sewing kits and fixing up the bears with holes in them. But, this is not enough... still bored...

And then my Maya (3D software) has expired on my computer, so if I want to work on my senior film (like I originally planned) over the summer, I have to be a code-cracking ninja or cough up $200 for 14 more months of Maya which will probably be updated within the next five. Or completely outsource my work to volunteers. I think I'll come up with the money so I won't have anyone to blame but myself when my models don't work right.

At least I'm beginning to hear of signs that I still have friends nearby that I might be able to occupy some interesting time with. That would be nice.

I need a hair cut, i have a strange mullet O_o

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